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“With a well equipped communal kitchen, dependably hot showers and a rainy day lounge to keep any family happy, Old Bidlake Farm provides an excellent setting for a holiday that is a true escape from regular life and into the outdoors.”

“Facilities were tidy and well maintained with showers surprisingly warm and luxurious for a converted barn! Sunbathed, relaxed, got through half a suitcase of books (and almost as much cider), and generally decompressed. Very happy with our stay and can’t wait to get chance to stop again.”

“We both had amazing rest, in complete and total comfort. We enjoyed sitting by the fire and loved cooking on the rocket stove, wood and marshmallows were provided! Definitely recommended.”

“In two minds about reviewing this place as I would like to keep it for myself! The campsite is set in a breathtaking area with rolling hills and on every horizon. The facilities for campers and caravaners were excellent, with bathroom and kitchen facilities that were quaintly decorated but well stocked with crockery and condiments.”

Old Bidlake Farm Camping in the Marshwood Vale Dorset
Old Bidlake Farm Camping in the Marshwood Vale Dorset
Peekaboo - Old Bidlake Farm Camping Bridport
Enjoying Camping in Bridport, Dorset
Campfire Cooking - Old Bidlake Farm Camping Bridport
Silhouette of Campers - Old Bidlake Farm Camping Bridport