A toast to real (and virtual) talent

by Mar 23, 2017Latest News, People

‘You should write a blog’ has been the constant cry for almost ten years, ever since we declared our mad cap notion of running away to the West Country to create a campsite. So it is a good indication of our success at mastering the laid back Dorset way of life that it is only now, as we are about to embark upon our seventh camping season, that I finally sit down to put virtual pen to paper.

With the benefit of hindsight I hope I will refrain from disclosing too many of our over zealous schemes destined to fall by the wayside. More importantly now that Old Bidlake Farm exists in reality and not just as a pipe dream, I find I am less preoccupied with the sometimes tedious logistics of setting up a campsite and I am able to stand back a little and appreciate the often unexpected highlights of our new way of life.

Perhaps the greatest joy has been that for a pair of rather socially awkward introverts the campsite has enabled us to meet so many interesting and lovely people. From those that have kindly returned to holiday with us several times, to the many gifted local craftsmen and artists whose skills we have called upon over the years. At this point I have finally reached the topic of this post (never has there been a more aptly named blog) as my intention here was to thank the very talented Surya of Just SO Media House and his equally brilliant partner Kerrie Gardner, for the creation of not only this Blog Page but our brand new website, within the boughs of which ‘Rambles From the Brambles’ rests.

Previous visitors to Old Bidlake Farm will know that we pride ourselves upon the fact that our campsite is Wi-Fi free in our effort to encourage people to take a little time away from life online and appreciate the real world and people around them. I am however well aware of the importance of the internet to our existence as a campsite and appreciate that our website acts as our shop window to the world.

Wedding Cakes July 2016 by Osborne and Gardner

I had been searching for a web designer who possessed the oxymoronic combination of high tech savvy and an artistic soul and you will see from our new website that Surya perfectly fits this bill. With a nod to the Arts and Crafts, his style of work proves that in a world that is now utterly dependent upon technology there is still a place for beautiful design and craftsmanship. The fact his partner Kerrie is a talented artist and photographer was the icing on the cake. Hence I decided the photograph above would be an apt first image for our blog. The mouth-wateringly beautiful cakes baked, decorated and photographed with care and creative flare by this young couple seem to perfectly embody their combined talent. To see more of their work do check out their websites and follow their enchanting Instagram accounts.





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